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Our extensive years of experience in the construction industry enable us to recognize the importance of having passionate, skilled, and knowledgeable individuals that can work under pressure and adapt to different construction projects. Hence, we make sure to staff only competent professionals who pass the company’s standards and qualifications as well as the regulating bodies’ laws and truisms.

Our project managers are hands-on with their work. They commit to rendering daily monitoring of the site, conduct team meetings, and most importantly, work as a group to make sure your time and money are maximized.

Castle Asphalt and Construction is among Western PA’s leading paving contractors for a number of reasons but particularly due to our highly trained employees who constantly demonstrate their professional skills in a demanding marketplace. As we are always seeking technical advances to help us provide better services at the most competitive rates, we see to it that all our employees regularly attend seminars on asphalt technology to hone their knowledge and skills.

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