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Castle Asphalt and Construction is driven to provide time-saving methods to help meet our client’s standards and deadlines regardless of the type of project. Our team of expert professionals consistently give much attention to detail with all our services and guarantee that they are done efficiently to minimize errors and stay right on track from start to finish of the entire duration of the project.

Being around the business for more than 15 years, we have mastered all there is to know about proper pavement. We strive for excellence in all our projects by equipping ourselves with only the top-of-the-line equipment and resources.

We evaluate your long-term needs and develop a preventative maintenance program designed for your specific needs and budget.

Services Offered

Commercial and Residential Asphalt Paving
When you avail of our paving services, we begin by conducting a thorough site inspection of the area that needs to be repaired by studying all different aspects of the job from start to finish. This allows us to be more familiar with the unique conditions of your home or business, helping us prepare for any potential problem that may arise during the construction phase. Once the site inspection has been done, we will provide you with a detailed plan of the design, costs, materials, and time of completion to give you an idea of what is to be expected during the start of the construction phase.
Commercial and Residential Asphalt Sealing
Asphalt sealing is an important aspect in maintaining and protecting your driveway to prevent it from degrading. Neglecting to seal the paved asphalt will create weak points where water can easily seep through the pavement, leading to cracks and deterioration. Lastly, asphalt sealing also helps add style to your driveway or parking lot as asphalt sealer’s come in different colors.
Commercial and residential Asphalt Crack Sealing
Like with all materials, for it to last longer, proper maintenance should be done. Over time, your asphalted or concreted pavement will eventually start to deteriorate due to changes in weather and the carrying of various loads. But instead of changing the entire pavement, consider crack sealing services as this has been proven to be a decent alternative to helping maintain a pavement. It helps slow down the progression of cracks, allowing you to save on repair costs.
Commercial Line Striping
As road accidents continuously increase every year, the need for proper striping on roads has become essential. Furthermore, proper striping of roads also allows for a better flow of traffic as drivers and pedestrians are guided accordingly. With that in mind, we only follow standard ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities when performing road striping to ensure that proper spacing is always followed on the roads, parking lots, etc.
Commercial and Residential Concrete Installation
Concreting has long been used for various construction works due to its low cost and high strength properties. With our concrete installation services, we provide an efficient mix of aggregates and cement to make sure the concrete can fully serve its intended purpose.
Commercial and Residential Drainage Work
Proper drainage work is important regardless of the type of structure; it helps prevent flooding and other damages. Leave your drainage work with experienced and licensed engineers and plumbers as poor drainage can lead to a series of multiple problems in the future, which will eventually lead to more money spent on repairs.
Commercial Site Work
We want our clients to be happy with what they paid for. In order for us to do that, we take full responsibility for all aspects of the project and make sure they are done safely from start to finish. This allows us to be aware of any potential problems and be able to address them right away. With our experienced and detail-oriented team of project managers, engineers, and workers ready to put your plan into action, we’ll make sure all your construction needs are well taken care of.

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